Today, I was very determined to eat much better than I have been for the past days. I woke up hoping there’s something good to eat otherwise, I’ll have to drag myself to cook something I could eat. Thankfully, we got some pancit and pan de sal on our table when I got up so that definitely made my morning super good! I didn’t care much about the amount of food I took because I knew that my day’s gonna be super hectic and full of work.

I dropped by our office to get some papers before heading to the exhibit we are setting up at. When I got there, the booth’s structures already established so we had to focus on the electrical necessities of the booth. Around 3 in the afternoon, I went out to get something nice (and good place to dine at) and ended up going to Chibo Okonomiyaki at Maison Mall which’s super near SMX. I didn’t realize how the whole restaurant look. I just decided to eat there because I saw some food I could eat when I looked at their menu. When I sat, I noticed my table had the cooking area for teppanyaki so you can bet how excited I got. I decided to order their Vegetable Yakisoba and their Cheese, Spinach and Asparagus Teppan. The cooking area wasn’t just to cook meats, they also encourage their customers to heat their food while eating so that’s really nice. I’ll skip reviewing their food for another post since I think it’ll probably go down as one of my favorite food places (I also ordered their Mattari Okonomiyaki, which was sooo good) already.

Over-all it’s been a great day. Good food but really tiring set-up. Looking forward to the weekends already ugh! I need to get some good rest again but this is not complaining, okay? I super love this exhaustion!


Author: Micco John

Always hungry.

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