Hey! I’m Michael Balana. I have always struggled to lose weight for as long as I can remember┬ábut losing weight wasn’t the issue. It’s my consistency with my efforts to lose weight. I kept falling back to my old and unhealthy ways and just find myself gaining as much, if not more than, what I have lost. Around the last week of September, however, I gained so much that I didn’t feel confident about myself anymore. It had gotten very difficult to carry myself because I didn’t feel confident at all. And then it hit me, what if I surprise everyone? What if I do something that is completely unbelievable, something no one would believe me when I tell them I’d do it? So, I challenged myself to try out vegetarianism. I didn’t have expectations. I didn’t have any idea how long I’d last. Neither was I sure if I can actually pull it off or how this will affect me, my physique and essentially, my aura. So I did try it out but as the holidays came in and with my brother who is some /kickass/ chemist telling me the whole system does not fit our genes, I allowed myself in to eating meat again.

As 2017 came, I feel more motivated that I ever had in my life. I am not in a very serious diet. I am simply cutting down on my carbohydrates which, according to my brother, is the main reason why I am finding it difficult to continuously lose weight. But see, I’m a total sucker for good food and good experiences so let this blog be the outlet for the stories I wish to tell. Stories from food places I try out here and abroad, my weight loss progress, life changes and over-all just an outlet for all that I want to share. Pretty exciting venture, really! Stay with me on this, yes?