I wasn’t too excited to go to work when I woke up that I spent almost an hour on rolling on the bed, watching videos on Youtube and sneaking some more minutes of nap before actually getting out of bed. Monday’s still my laziest day even if I don’t necessarily hate my work. By the time I got out of bed, I was running late already (although late isn’t actually the best word to use for a 9:00 to 10:30 time in system at work) so all I managed to prepare for breakfast was a bowl of cereals (which I just remembered, I already ran out of…).

Today at the office was very different though. For the first time in the 2 months I’ve been there, I finally got a busy day filled with scheduling, fixing of additional requirements and whatnot. But, that did not stop me from spending a couple of minutes thinking about where to eat. I nearly ate at this Thai restaurant near us but I ended up eating at Banapple across it with an officemate. Banapple’s branch in President’s Avenue is connected to the store of their sister company, Sandwicheese, so eating in either of the two allows you to get two different menus. I ordered french fries and nachos from Sandwicheese and Herbed Mushroom and Cheese Pie from Banapple which is an absolute favorite. I’d love to say that I could eat dozens of it but their pies are more than enough for a single serving unless of course if you have some unreal appetite then maybe you could fit it 2 or more of their pies. It might have been a little too pricey for a lunch meal but the servings were good enough so I could really care less about what I paid. And, everything I consumed was enough to get me through the day.

On the way home, I received an e-mail from one of the food bloggers I e-mailed a couple o days ago. It was so cool. I can’t believe I was (am) actually exchanging e-mails with one of the local food bloggers. He recommended I add more categories on my posts, plan out my entires better and just continue posting as much as I can with good quality contents of course. I honestly don’t know how much longer can I continue writing daily posts but as I’ve always said, I’ll just keep trying my best everyday hopefully I’ll be able to achieve my goals eventually.

Having gone through such a tiring day (couldn’t be happier, may silbi na ako finally), I needed to reward myself with good supper so I heated the Baked Baby Potatoes (sorry, starch pa rin) from last night and made some Cheese and Caramelized Onion Omelette plus Papaya and Peach Smoothie. Now, I needed to stay awake for a couple more hours to get everything digested before sleeping. Deliks kapag natulog ako maaga kaya magpupuyat ako ng konti kahit may meeting pa bukas ng umaga, good luck sa akin.




President’s Grove, President’s Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque City

(02) 556 7241



Apparently, vegetarian as a diet does not fit our genes well. Last night, while telling my brother about the meals I had at Mama Lou’s, he specifically told me that based on the research he made (GANERN!), vegetarian does not fit our genes well. Meaning, I might not (he was pretty sure though) lose as much as I expect. But I didn’t want to quit on this just yet. It’s too early. I’m hanging onto the small chance that this might affect me, my weight and my health pretty well in the long run. I also want to be able to feel firsthand how cutting on meat and focusing on vegetables for my diet would change my body externally and internally. So I did make it clear that I just want to try this out. He budged and just reminded me that it’s the starch that I am consuming that is making me fat and not the proteins I am taking. Hence, my decision to lessen my consumption of pastas and breads as much as I can and focus more on other sources like sweet potatoes.

So there’s that.

Today, we celebrated my lola’s 87th birthday. Pretty old huh? She is still really strong aside from her poor hearing. The set-up was as straightforward as it could possibly get. They brought in different dishes which we served along with our share. I prepared Barbeque Ribs along with my sister’s boyfriend’s Poached Fish and Beef Stroganoff plus some of the stuff we got from Tagaytay (we sliced the mini tarts to quarters HAHA). I started cooking the pork ribs last night but I already seasoned it with garlic powder, smoked paprika, salt, pepper, brown sugar and our favorite barbeque sauce just before we left for our Tagaytay trip last Friday. Last night, I cooked it at 250 degrees Fahrenheit almost 5 hours so all I had to do earlier was to baste it with hickory barbeque sauce for several times and broil it until the sauce’s all caramelized. It’s funny though that I had to mix in some oil and Sriracha Sauce with the remaining barbeque sauce towards the end just so I can baste the last batch completely so some turned out spicier than the rest. To compensate the lack of barbeque for some of the ribs, I mixed sour cream, garlic, garlic powder, salt, pepper, mayonnaise, non-fat milk and some calamansi juice for a basic garlic sauce. I’d daresay they totally loved it as much as they liked my sister’s boyfriend’s dishes! It was pretty fun although I had to control myself from trying out our handa. Luckily, one of my tita brought some buttered baby potatoes and mushroom so I got to eat something aside from the make-shift crostini I made with Fita and some of the remaining glazed vegetables! Several hours after we served lunch, we sent out another set of dishes which were composed mostly of Filipino favorites. Super thankful that Amber’s didn’t put any meat (aside from the shrimp meat) on their Pancit Malabon so I got to eat some good portions of it which I partnered with few slices of puto.

I am proud of myself for being able to control myself amid all the food choices I had earlier. I think, I’m actually getting into the system. It’s still pretty difficult and it’s understandable to crave for some meat but I know that as soon as I get myself used to this whole system, craving wouldn’t be as frequent anymore. Of course, I’ll take into consideration what my brother told me and reminded me about. Again, I am not sure how this will go for me. Maybe he is right that this will not affect me significantly but I still want to try. I am loving the experience. Hopefully, it pays well and I am hoping that after my first week or second week I’ll be adjusted enough to start working out and add in some physical work (and sana talaga, makabawas man lang sa timbang kahit paunti-unti). Always hoping for the best! I know hard work and self-discipline could only pay well!

Day 4 – I ATE BACON!

I HAD PUMPKIN SOUP AND REALIZED IT HAD BACON ON IT WHEN I ALREADY FINISHED AN ENTIRE BOWL. I was going crazy over the fact that I did not even realize there were bits of bacon on the Pumpkin Soup I was enjoying for our breakfast at Hotel Monticello! I wanted to get another bowl because it was so good but there was the reason why I wanted to get another serving. I had to settle down and just shrug it off. Besides, I’m still 4 days in my transition so that’s forgivable. Good thing, the hotel served cereals, salad and customizable omelettes too so my breakfast was still a win!


After that forgettable breakfast (not for me, she totally loved it there), we headed out to visit a rather uncelebrated shrine (or I don’t know how to call it) just a couple of minutes away from Caleruega where we went next before heading out for lunch. It was a hot day in Tagaytay but I wouldn’t complain because the weather was actually really good. I had to force my mom and sister to go with me on the highest peak at Caleruega just to show them the chapel upstairs. They haven’t been there since I couldn’t even remember the last time we’ve been to that place as a family. My mom was soaked in sweat as soon as we reached the chapel but she liked it. See, she rarely gets the chance to do some physical work that could actually make her sweaty so I’d daresay she absolutely needed that. On the way back to our hotel, we had to rush because we wanted to check out on time. As soon as we got our backs, we went down, checked out and then we were off to a village in Nuvali so my sister could give her pasalubong to her boyfriend’s tita. But before heading to Nuvali, mom insisted on getting some stuff at Rowena’s. We got Buko Tarts, Assorted Cheese Tarts and Pineapple Tarts for the party tomorrow. I got their Kropek (which, I eventually realized it has shrimp extracts on it… BUMMER!) and a box of sylvanas which I started eating as soon as we got back on the car. On the way to Nuvali, I was not feeling well anymore probably because I was starving already so we hurried to drop my sister’s pasalubong and headed straight to Solenad 2.


My sister wanted to try Sumo Sam since she was craving for some Japanese food but when we got there, I think it was /still/ under renovation or whatever. I called dibs on choosing where to eat and chose Mama Lou’s because I’ve been hearing really good things about it. Mom ordered Pizza Bianca (I needed to tell the waiter to put all the bacon on one half of the pizza so I can still eat some slices of it) and City Food Platter then asked me to order for myself. I ordered Poutine, which was basically just french fries with gravy and mozzarella cheese, and Truffle Mac and Cheese BECAUSE THAT’S TRUFFLE… ON MAC AND CHEESE… SO WHY THE HELL NOT? And boy, was it so good! Everyone got busog with the pizza and the platter (they have really good servings) already so I had most of the Truffle Mac and Cheese for myself AND I DID NOT COMPLAIN! As much as I talk about their food, my sister specifically commended their service. She said she never ate in a place where her glass is hardly ever empty because everyone’s really diligent and my mom totally agreed. I do too! I’d definitely come back but maybe after I compensated all that I ate with some good workout! My happy tummy was definitely satisfied so I didn’t even bother too much when we couldn’t find any Lacoste outlet around the place and the fact that I wasn’t able to get anything from the Nike Factory Store we visited before actually driving on the way home.


I couldn’t even remember how long the way back home took because I fell asleep and woke up just before we reached our house. All I could remember is how good the foods we had in Tagaytay were and how much we enjoyed that time away from all the stress. Thanks Kuya for your regalo kay Achie na pinakinabangan din namin lol.


So tomorrow… we celebrate.




Mama Lou’s

Solenad 2, NuvaliSanta Rosa, Luzon, Philippines

+63 49302 0752


I will be honest. I am actually using this whole transition just to fulfill my long time dream of eating in different places to try new food out. But, the past days allowed me to realize that eating out, especially with people you enjoy spending time with, opens us up to a lot of incredible experiences.

Most of my morning was spent inside the kitchen. I barely got to control myself while frying strips of bacon, sautéing corned beef and preparing garlic rice for my mom and sister. IT WAS SO DIFFICULT. I was literally salivating but thankfully, my self-control was enough to keep myself from sneaking some bites. As I was fixing the table, I remembered we still had some of that ground coffee for brewing that my brother was given as a gift. Now, I’m not into coffee as much as I am into teas but I knew I needed to brew at least enough to fill at least a cup or two. The bacon lasted on our table shorter than I cooked it cos that’s BACON, OKAY? Totally understandable! But, yey for me for not feeling all too bad while eating because I had my cereals with almonds right in front of me already. What’s not to love, right?

Before leaving for our Tagaytay trip, my sister and I had to do some errands for our lola’s 87th birthday celebration on Sunday. Yup, we’re pretty loaded this weekend but my focus is on our Tagaytay trip. It’s been a while since I visited for an actual trip and not for any academic reasons.

Anyway, I super love our accommodation here. Probably as much as I enjoyed our side trip to Buon Giorno for an afternoon snack. Okay… I may have forced my mom to go there after checking in because the pictures online were really good. True enough, the place was so good. Plus the fog cleared out the soonest we got there. Family ordered chicken fingers and some sliders which I couldn’t eat so I had to get Bruschetta and Tarragon Tea for myself (and I may have ordered Panna Cotta too). We didn’t realize we were getting biscuits and complimentary focaccia too (which I dipped on olive oil and balsamic vinegar mixture) so you can only imagine how much the four of us had to finish! We took so much time there that by the time we arrived at Caleruega, it was too dark already. So we just went to the nearest Starbucks to kill time until it was time for dinner. They wanted to get bulalo so that was pretty much another torturous moment with me. Picture me sitting with 3 people eating steaming hot bulalo… Sad ‘no? To make myself feel less sad, I dropped by Mushroom Burger na lang to get their old fashioned burger (ever since akala ko purong mushroom iyon, may halo palang baboy) and their no-meat pancit canton (buti nalang) which I am enjoying as I am writing this.


So yeah, there’s that. I’m slowly getting into the system. Of course, there’ll be nights when it’ll be very difficult to fight the urge of eating meat but I need stay on track. Three days seem so long but it’s still too early to quit on this. Tuloy ang laban! Can’t wait to know how tomorrow goes (bahala na sa handaan sa linggo hahaha).



Buon Giorno

Cliffhouse, Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City, Tagaytay City

(046) 4832102


Mushroom Burger

581 Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City