I will be honest. I am actually using this whole transition just to fulfill my long time dream of eating in different places to try new food out. But, the past days allowed me to realize that eating out, especially with people you enjoy spending time with, opens us up to a lot of incredible experiences.

Most of my morning was spent inside the kitchen. I barely got to control myself while frying strips of bacon, sautéing corned beef and preparing garlic rice for my mom and sister. IT WAS SO DIFFICULT. I was literally salivating but thankfully, my self-control was enough to keep myself from sneaking some bites. As I was fixing the table, I remembered we still had some of that ground coffee for brewing that my brother was given as a gift. Now, I’m not into coffee as much as I am into teas but I knew I needed to brew at least enough to fill at least a cup or two. The bacon lasted on our table shorter than I cooked it cos that’s BACON, OKAY? Totally understandable! But, yey for me for not feeling all too bad while eating because I had my cereals with almonds right in front of me already. What’s not to love, right?

Before leaving for our Tagaytay trip, my sister and I had to do some errands for our lola’s 87th birthday celebration on Sunday. Yup, we’re pretty loaded this weekend but my focus is on our Tagaytay trip. It’s been a while since I visited for an actual trip and not for any academic reasons.

Anyway, I super love our accommodation here. Probably as much as I enjoyed our side trip to Buon Giorno for an afternoon snack. Okay… I may have forced my mom to go there after checking in because the pictures online were really good. True enough, the place was so good. Plus the fog cleared out the soonest we got there. Family ordered chicken fingers and some sliders which I couldn’t eat so I had to get Bruschetta and Tarragon Tea for myself (and I may have ordered Panna Cotta too). We didn’t realize we were getting biscuits and complimentary focaccia too (which I dipped on olive oil and balsamic vinegar mixture) so you can only imagine how much the four of us had to finish! We took so much time there that by the time we arrived at Caleruega, it was too dark already. So we just went to the nearest Starbucks to kill time until it was time for dinner. They wanted to get bulalo so that was pretty much another torturous moment with me. Picture me sitting with 3 people eating steaming hot bulalo… Sad ‘no? To make myself feel less sad, I dropped by Mushroom Burger na lang to get their old fashioned burger (ever since akala ko purong mushroom iyon, may halo palang baboy) and their no-meat pancit canton (buti nalang) which I am enjoying as I am writing this.


So yeah, there’s that. I’m slowly getting into the system. Of course, there’ll be nights when it’ll be very difficult to fight the urge of eating meat but I need stay on track. Three days seem so long but it’s still too early to quit on this. Tuloy ang laban! Can’t wait to know how tomorrow goes (bahala na sa handaan sa linggo hahaha).



Buon Giorno

Cliffhouse, Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City, Tagaytay City

(046) 4832102


Mushroom Burger

581 Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City





Thanks to the fact that I got to push myself to cook last night, I woke up excited for my breakfast earlier this morning. I had Tomato Soup leftover from last night which I just reheated and along with it, I heated some wheat bread smeared with Laughing Cow Cheese. The pairing couldn’t be more perfect to start my day plus the chilly weather made the feeling even better. We’re actually pretty lucky because we weren’t affected by typhoon Lawin as much as the northern parts of Luzon. I feel bad for our friends who have relatives up north. I’ve seen the footages and it looked really bad. But looking at the better side on all of this, I guess we can say that the country was better prepared this time compared to how we were when Yolanda hit.


Going back, my breakfast kicked start my day pretty good. I needed to take in something really nice because I had a lot in store for the day. I had to deal with some transactions and scheduled meetings from Las Piñas to Ortigas then we needed to do some ocular at SMX Convention Center for an event this coming November. I was still pretty full by the time we arrived in SMX but when found myself feeling super hungry when I met with my mom and sister already. They weren’t supposed to eat anymore but since I mentioned wanting to get something from Cafe Mary Grace, they couldn’t resist eating with me. Just as all my experiences before went, the pasta I tried was really good! They had two vegetarian friendly pastas although the other one has seafood essence so I chose the mushroom based pasta instead. Absolutely loved it although I may have gotten umay so I had to tolerate the last few spoonfuls. Ending the late lunch out was a slice of Chocolate Cake which my sister and I shared. There’s probably no better way to cap off that late lunch with the fam. (Also pala, my mom never forgets to compliment the interiors of Cafe Mary Grace. She loves the whole home-y feel. I totally agree!)


After a couple of mishaps with my mom’s scheduled check-up today, we soon went home. I wasn’t hungry but I remembered I had a couple more servings of Tomato Soup left. So, I reheated some portions of it again to finish this night off. I’ll be looking for good vegetarian places in Tagaytay after writing this since we’ll be out tomorrow for an overnight trip with my mom and sister! Super excited for this weekend. I’d definitely make this worthwhile since my sister’s coming in to the last week of her vacation in the Philippines!


P.S. This whole vegetarian place hunting is actually fun although very very expensive. Pahingi ng goods and sponsors lol.




Cafe Mary Grace

Ground Floor, SM Southmall, Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Pinas City, Almanza, Las Piñas City

(02) 919 1055

Day 1 – FIRST DAY!

Starting weight: 185.4 lbs


Of course, I was not able to get up early this morning to do some morning workout which bums me a lot. I was dead tired last night putting in some extra work for an account we closed very recently. But waking up earlier, I was energetic and ready to see how this journey would start for me. And as I left for work, I made sure that I carried my camera with me. I thought it’s nice to take shots of the food I’ll be eating, places I’ll be in and essentially anything that is relevant to this whole journey!


So yeah, couple of minutes before arriving at our office, I started searching for vegetarian restaurants around our vicinity. Zomato (unpaid promotions) didn’t fail me. You can only imagine how excited I was when I found Urban Farm which was literally 5 minutes away from our office. So I did go there with an officemate and tried out some good stuff. They didn’t disappoint at all. I totally loved their Tarragon Hot Tea and their cucumber infused water which I’d love to talk more about along with other good stuff I tried. But I’m really trying to stop myself from doing so. See, I don’t want this blog to be a food blog. This will not be about the food places I’ve been to (but I’d definitely share basic information whenever necessary for everyone’s reference) and my personal review for them. My goal for this blog is for me to have an online journal to track my progress and I’m sticking to that alone… for now.


Moving on, the trip to Urban Farm made me less nervous that I might not be able to enjoy this entire process because I might not be able to enjoy food as much as I used to. Sure, alternatives can be very pricey but there isn’t any question now whether I could still eat really good tasting food during this whole process or not. If this day has allowed me to realize anything, it is that I’m lucky to understand food as much as I do now. Because yes, it can be time-consuming but knowing how to cook allows me to prepare good stuff so I’d long for meats less! And just so, I couldn’t be happier that I managed to cook again. I got back in my kitchen and prepared Fresh Tomato Soup with Garlic Toast for tonight’s dinner. I’m dying to share my recipe but we’ll get there soon, I guess lol.


So I guess it was a good start. I honestly don’t know how long can I go on without eating meat but it interests me to know how long can I discipline myself. We’ll see!



Urban Farm

4 Presidents Avenue, Tahanan Village, Paranaque City, BF Homes, Parañaque City
(02) 246 9069


I don’t like tofu.

I really don’t. And knowing that it’s one of the more famous alternatives for meat for those who are transitioning to vegetarianism makes me really worried.

Losing weight has always been a struggle for me. I cannot even remember the first time I actually tried to lose weight primarily because I have been trying to lose weight for as long as I can remember. And a lot of those times, I actually did lose some weight. It seems that losing weight isn’t really a problem, although very much a struggle for me. I do not have some scientific explanations about this but I am really capable of losing weight. The sad part though is I gain as fast as I could lose. So see, it’s not a problem to start to lose weight again. The problem is being consistent about it. Of all those times I tried to shed some good amount of weight (noticeable at that), I found myself slacking off all of a sudden and just restart couple of months after. So I cannot really say that I have remained very consistent with any of those trials. But hey, at least I’ve controlled myself enough not to eat rice since January 2013 and God knows how difficult that is for me. But in this shift, I’m actually letting go of the things my last week self wouldn’t even consider. So you can only imagine how much more difficult this is for me. I trust myself that I will be able to do this, but I don’t trust myself in terms of my consistency. I know that I’ll probably start eating meat any time soon but let’s see how this will go for me.

And oh! To make this process a little more interesting, I’ll try (really try) my best to take pictures of the good stuff I’ll be exposed to that is relevant to this process which I’ll include on my future blog posts. Commitment is key, I guess. I have proven to be very inconsistent but it’s never too late to start a change. This is a huge leap for me but might as well go through this. If I end up quitting, at least I can claim that I tried my damn best to cut on meat for as long as I could. But for now, I shall focus on trying to get myself into the system, deviating from meat choices, losing weight in the process and ultimately, becoming generally healthy through this journey.

So, tomorrow… day one.