Last Friday, I weighed then cried and not for very good reasons…


I was debating whether I should workout before or after work because I had a meeting and there were still some things that we needed to take care of (procrastinating accounts team realness). I managed to drag myself out of my bed to get things done beforehitting the gym.

It was a rather short session because I arrived SUPER late and I was running out of time but I at least made sure that I finished my usual and put on a little of my core workout (VERY little actually). And then, it was time to step on the scale. I nervously took of my shoes and stood over the scale, it had to be done. It read 213.0 lbs flat, 1.7lbs less than my previous weight but for some reason, I was still very disappointed. Am I not following my diet properly? Do I need to put in extra work? What else should I do? Can I still push myself harder? I had questions that were so overwhelming that all I could really do is take a moment of silence and really, seriously assess my effort.

I am making progress. Slow, but still progress. As I would like to justify, this is better than nothing. But more than just losing weight, this whole process is about trying to push myself to the limits. This is about finding ways to rehabilitate my spirits and really understand the peak of my body (and mind). So, as overwhelming as these questions area, there is still one thing to do and that it is to get back much stronger tomorrow and then continue working hard for all of the hopes and goals I’ve set.

Still fighting!