I know I have talked about this before (maybe a little more than I should) but now that I’m getting close to some real holiday celebrations, I might as well write something about it again.
About three months (?) ago, I decided to get into something I never thought I’d ever get myself into. I’ve always been an absolute carnivore and it’s always been a struggle to eat vegetables. But having a small part of me that is always curious over a lot of things which leads me to try different stuff on the most random times, I ended up deciding on getting myself into vegetarianism.

If you’ve been with me since I started the journey, you should know how days went and how much of a struggle the first few days have been. I must admit that right now, this whole system’s not too difficult for me anymore. Yes, there are days when I find it hard to find something to eat but I have this new found excitement to find good food without meat (exploring different food places is super fun too). BUT as exciting as the last few months have been, I know I cannot forgive myself if I let the holidays pass without enjoying the celebrations completely. And honestly, I don’t think I would enjoy the celebrations to the fullest if I would continue depriving myself of meat.

So with all the holiday dinners, vacations and (possibly) family reunions that are lined up for the weeks ahead, I just know that I need to allow myself to eat meat again. But that does not go without any challenge at all. The challenge for me would be to control the amount of food I’ll be taking in. I have lost a good amount of weight already (blog for that coming soon) so I need to make sure that I don’t gain them back just because I allowed myself to eat meat for a couple of weeks. I don’t know how the next few weeks would go but you can bet that I cannot wait to enjoy the celebrations with all the meat already. I’ll think about how I’ll transition back to vegetarianism (or if I would) once the celebrations are all over. I honestly can’t be bothered to think about right now.

So for the next three (?) weeks ahead, I’ll try my best to write about how the festivities would go for me. Hopefully, I’ll get to sneak in some exciting food features in between too! Right now, I need to start calming myself down because my carnivorous self is just so ready to be unleashed!

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I didn’t feel like eating breakfast when I woke up so I just prepared for our morning meeting and left soon but made sure to bring some of the remaining cheese tarts which we got on the way home from Tagaytay. By the time our meeting ended, I was already starving so we ate at the closest food place we could find… Lydia’s Lechon.


Looking for something to eat was very difficult so I hesitantly just ordered Pancit Canton Bihon but gave some instructions to the lady who took our orders. I made sure she understood I didn’t want any meat on my order which she seemed to have understood. When my order arrived, I was so disappointed by the fact that there was an entire portion of pork lechon sitting on top of my pancit order. To make things worse, I realized they crushed some pork liver and mixed it with the noodles. I carefully took off as much meat as I could and made sure there weren’t any bits of liver in every spoonful I took until I found my plate empty. Must have been because I was literally starving at that time. I know that I may have missed some but this is precisely what this whole transition is for. I wouldn’t even dare claim that I am legit vegetarian already primarily because I have yet to fully take control of what I eat everyday. I’m still trying to plan that out so I can make it as time-efficient as possible. Some vegetarians are too hardcore that even just some fluids from meat are intolerable for them. Perhaps I’ll reach that point too or maybe not. But again, this whole transition is just about that. Being able to understand how I could adjust when I do not have complete control over my food, being able to build a food set for a particular time frame and essentially just be able to control everything I consume as much as possible. I am also trying to see how fresh fruit juices for dinner would affect my body. I don’t have any expectations so I’ll just really see how this will go eventually (and I’ll definitely put in some research). But right now, I’m all set to trying that system for about 2 weeks at least.


Tomorrow, I’ll be weighing to see if I at least lost a pound or two. At this point, I’d take any amount of weight loss there would be. I’m all for progress no matter how slow it maybe and I’m still a little lenient about this since I have just been doing this diet for exactly a week. I’ll continue to push forward and plan out a menu for the coming week (thank God I have a long weekend ahead!). I’ll also make sure to read some good stuff so I can cut down on pastas and breads without making my entire experience more difficult. Just stay with me on this, it’s been fun 7 days so far.


(My head’s throbbing so it’s been difficult typing this. I have a long day tomorrow so I better rest now! Fight!)