I couldn’t even remember what time I dozed off last night. I was so tired from a series of errands, struggles with hellish traffic system plus the fact that I ran on 3 hours of sleep the entire day. I woke up earlier feeling much better compared to yesterday but knowing that my sister’s leaving in a few hours and my mom’s not around made me feel a little sad. I had to do something fun today before I go home and live alone until Tuesday. We did get some good breakfast with my sister’s boyfriend cooking for us. I had couple of pieces of pan de sal with some omelette rolls. Right after eating, my sister asked if I could cook pancit for her so I did. I cooked┬áMenudong Giniling (Ground Pork in Tomato Sauce), Pancit Bihon, Fried Chicken and Eggplant Curry (breaded eggplant slices over a bed of curry sauce). It was enough to get my sister to eat well before going to the airport. I made sure, though, to schedule something up after dropping my sister off at the airport.


An hour after dropping my sister off the airport, I left to watch Doctor Strange at SM Mall of Asia and tagged my cousin along. It felt weird considering the fact that it was the very first time I actually had a cousin go out with me. Doctor Strange was hella good. I’m not gonna act like I know too well about it because I don’t but the movie was enough to please my action-and-vfx-hungry self. After the movie, I strolled around, soon passed by an Adidas outlet (you know what went down) and then asked my cousin if he was feeling hungry already. He was a bit hungry but definitely tired. I felt guilty so I asked where he wanted to eat. He let me decide where to eat but as I was deciding, he kept implying he wanted to get some pizza so we decided to eat at the closest Italian place from the Adidas outlet we were at. We got some Pizza Formaggio (totally loved it) and Caesar Salad (skipped the bacon bits) which were enough for the two of us. We weren’t too hungry, we just had to eat something before leaving. We had couple of slices of pizza left which we took out. Got a cab and went straight home.


As I am typing this, my sister’s probably on her flight to Thailand already. The house is super quiet (aside from the television sounds) and there are a couple of my sister’s things scattered all over the house. It will probably take a couple of days again before I get used to this whole set-up again but pretty sure I’ll eventually would. Looking forward to seeing her again (and my kuya and papa too of course). I gotta clean some dishes before wrapping this day up. It’s been pretty wild, I wanna rest up.