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Fried chicken, /sugar crusted/ creme brulee, tons of noodles of different kinds and shapes, and a lot more carbs pretty much composed my holidays. My sister and I had a short trip in Hong Kong to celebrate Christmas so my enthusiasm to just devour on whatever food that comes my way surely carried over to the New Year festivities. And to make things even worse (WAY WORSE), I have not hit the gym since I got crazy busy at work at the start of November. Heck, I don’t even remember having any form of physical activity since then. My heart is full (and my body too, ugh) but my brain is just killing my right now. My insecurities have gone up a notch and I’m dreading to get out of this slump. So what better time to start over than now, right? In line with all the New Year festivities and resolutions, it just seems fitting to (once again) get my running shoes and pseudo-chef’s toque on and get on the fitness train. So this blog is taking a slight turn towards being my fitness diary. Stick with me through the rest of this year as I will let you in much deeper into my days, struggles, frustrations and definitely into my small successes as well. I have never been this excited to get out there and prove myself that I can reach my fitness goals so I hope you are as excited to see the changes that are bound to happen as I am. And as I always do, I’ve listed some of the relevant goals that I’m hoping to accomplish and/or be consistent in as I move along but this, I’m sharing it with you:


READ MORE. LEARN MORE. I have been really trying to get myself into reading more and during the few moments that I actually found time to read, I honestly felt liberated. During this whole process, I know that it will take a lot of reading especially with my hopes of fully understanding how my body reacts to the food that I take in. My brother always talked to me about proteins, sugars and stuff like that but I never really understood any of them. I think it’ll be vital for me to get into it much deeper so I could filter my food intake much better. (And if I end up successfully doing this, I might make my brother proud along the way loool.)

COOK! COOK! COOK! Majority of what you’ll find on my Instagram feed and Youtube subscriptions are food related. I mean, I wouldn’t be reviewing food and taking shots of what I eat if I don’t feel genuinely in love with it. But more than just the idea of eating, I am also very engrossed with cooking. And as I get myself into trying to lose weight again, it’s gonna take a lot more effort in me to prepare my own food and not rely on what’s available outside. I’ve always heard people saying that losing weight is more about what happens in the kitchen than in the gym and I have some very credible people who say that same thing too. So I think it will take just a bit of extra effort to channel my enjoyment in cooking to a much valuable use… preparing good and healthier food.


STOP WAITING. START WEIGHING. I remember talking to you about my growing insecurities and how it affected the way I see myself. It changed a bit when I was seeing little results when I was still going to the gym. I was starting to take pictures of myself again and look at reflections of myself as well until I stopped going to the gym because of schedule problems (not an excuse, I know) and I pretty much went down-

hill again. But even through those better times, there was one thing I couldn’t do that I still haven’t done until now… I haven’t stepped on a scale. I dread the idea of it. I’m scared that I might find myself looking much heavier if I see my weight all jacked up. But I am trying to push myself to step on the scale once and for all. I need a reference weight so I can track my progress better (if that ain’t obvious). It will take a little more self-encouragement (or maybe some of your encouragements too, send some love) but I’ll definitely do it very soon. Hopefully, once I do, I’ll be able to provide more accurate progress reports as I move forward.

JUST. STAY. ON. TRACK. I know my rants about myself is getting annoying. My self-loathe is starting to get into my own nerves as well and me falling off track every single time is just getting really frustrating. Now, I will not leave a promise on here and then just get lost again along the way. I’ll just do what I have planned for the year and really REALLY push myself to get better each waking day. I’m confident with the support group that I have right now so I’m feeling really positive about all these. But just to make sure that I don’t fall off track, I’ll make sure to take progress shots and write about the whole process (maybe not daily) so I can have some receipts to look into when things get difficult. Trust me on this, I got this!

These are just few ones from my long list of goals for this year but those pretty much sums up everything. I’ll write more when I find it necessary but those would do for now.

There really isn’t much of you out there who’s reading this and maybe even some of you are cringing as you read through my post (hopefully not). But this is the first time that I’m actually writing about my invulnerabilities and insecurities and how I plan on dealing with them so I’d appreciate if you could join me on this. I’ll be better, let me tell you that.

And to close this out now, I just wanna remind everyone (especially myself) to just trust the process. It will get hard but it will be worth. It should be. Chow!




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I know I have talked about this before (maybe a little more than I should) but now that I’m getting close to some real holiday celebrations, I might as well write something about it again.
About three months (?) ago, I decided to get into something I never thought I’d ever get myself into. I’ve always been an absolute carnivore and it’s always been a struggle to eat vegetables. But having a small part of me that is always curious over a lot of things which leads me to try different stuff on the most random times, I ended up deciding on getting myself into vegetarianism.

If you’ve been with me since I started the journey, you should know how days went and how much of a struggle the first few days have been. I must admit that right now, this whole system’s not too difficult for me anymore. Yes, there are days when I find it hard to find something to eat but I have this new found excitement to find good food without meat (exploring different food places is super fun too). BUT as exciting as the last few months have been, I know I cannot forgive myself if I let the holidays pass without enjoying the celebrations completely. And honestly, I don’t think I would enjoy the celebrations to the fullest if I would continue depriving myself of meat.

So with all the holiday dinners, vacations and (possibly) family reunions that are lined up for the weeks ahead, I just know that I need to allow myself to eat meat again. But that does not go without any challenge at all. The challenge for me would be to control the amount of food I’ll be taking in. I have lost a good amount of weight already (blog for that coming soon) so I need to make sure that I don’t gain them back just because I allowed myself to eat meat for a couple of weeks. I don’t know how the next few weeks would go but you can bet that I cannot wait to enjoy the celebrations with all the meat already. I’ll think about how I’ll transition back to vegetarianism (or if I would) once the celebrations are all over. I honestly can’t be bothered to think about right now.

So for the next three (?) weeks ahead, I’ll try my best to write about how the festivities would go for me. Hopefully, I’ll get to sneak in some exciting food features in between too! Right now, I need to start calming myself down because my carnivorous self is just so ready to be unleashed!

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We’ve arrived to the day when I’ll write my last daily post. This does not mean though that I will be abandoning this blog anymore. As hassle as this whole thing is, I know I’m doing something I truly enjoy so I wouldn’t let go of this anymore…

My mom and I had a pretty good breakfast. She had fried rice with longganisa and dried fish while I ate our leftover Mattari Okonomiyaki from our dinner at Chibo Okonomiyaki last night. We didn’t bother preparing anything else because we’ll be heading out for a surprise birthday celebration for one of our family friends. When we got there though, I didn’t get to eat much (I think) because, obviously, they wouldn’t adjust their menu for me. Luckily, they had penne with white sauce and mixed vegetables with quail eggs so I still got to eat something. It was a rather intimate party (considering how big our community is) and it seemed like everyone had a lot of fun. Maybe I did to because the time went by so fast. After the party, mom and I headed to the closest mall to finish up on our Christmas gift list which we packed when we got home a couple of hours ago. Before heading home, we grabbed something to eat at Project Pie (again cos mom’s total sucker for good pizzas). We had the usual… mom had all-meat pizza while I had no-meat pizza and we ordered our favorite James’ Project. It’s a salad with mixed greens, candied walnuts, feta cheese, craisins and raspberry vinaigrette. The sweetness of the raspberry is very subtle and getting a serving of all the components makes everything so much better.

It’s been a really good weekend. Probably one of the best in a very long time. There is just something about the holidays that makes me really happy and spirited and excited for a lot of different things. I don’t know how to feel about the fact that I am not longer gonna be posting everyday but I guess this is all for the best. I want to stop compromising my posts just to meet my daily requirements. Keep watching out for my future posts. I’ll make sure to make them better in terms of content and flow. Sleeping happy tonight, yehey!


WHAT A GREAT START TO MY WEEKEND! With the chilly weather and having no obligations to work on over my weekend, I woke up feeling super chill and calm. I stayed extra hours in bed because the weather now is super nice, it’s making it a lot more difficult to got out of big.

My breakfast and lunch weren’t any special. I just had a couple of pieces of bread and scrambled egg (with Sriracha) for breakfast and some instant noodles with strawberry smoothie for lunch. I needed to eat less than normal because I planned on bringing my mom along with me for the egress of our exhibit so we could eat at Chibo Okonomiyaki right after it.

After doing errands and buying everything we needed, we grabbed some snacks (Pork Floss Crepe and Nutty Choco Crepe plus Cinnabon) before heading to SMX so I could supervise the pack-up. I stayed there until our client went out already. I brought mom along to what has gone to be one of my most favorite restaurants, Chibo Okonomiyaki at Maison Mall below Conrad Hotel (just across SMX). I ordered Mattari Okonomiyak, and Cheese Asparagus and Spinach Teppan again. I just added Soba Meshi for my mom, Mushroom with Garlic Sauce Teppan and one of their basic Yakisobas. I’ll be featuring more of this and our experience on my first ever review coming real soon!

It’s been a pretty good day. I just really love weekends where I get to eat with my mom and try new stuff with her (although I am not entirely sure if she’s even enjoying hahaha). Tomorrow’s gonna be my last daily blog but I’ll definitely continue posting some entries on this blog. Absolutely pushing for quality posts this time. Just stay with me on this. Things are shaping up really well (I’m coming close to finally getting to eat meat again and idk what to feel)… For now, I wanna enjoy this chilly weather and give in to my bed calling.


I woke up to a very chilly weather. That should give you an idea how difficult it was for me to get myself out of the bed. When I finally did, I prepped and headed straight to the office. I had a lot of things to accomplish for the day so I needed to get to the office as soon as I can. I skipped lunch but I didn’t feel too hungry probably because of all my preoccupations. My boss and I headed to Bonifacio Global City to attend a meeting where I told him to just leave me there since I’ll still have to eat my late lunch (that was around 4 in the afternoon already).


I met with my office mate who also had a meeting around the area and we both decided to get something to eat first before heading back to Alabang. We ended up eating at Kabisera which’s a Filipino restaurant that transforms into a nice and cozy bar at night. She ordered this Vigan Power Bowl that had toasted Vigan Longganisa (local sausage), some cucumber, pickled onion (super loved it), salted egg and fried rice. She seemed to have enjoyed it a lot but she ordered a serving of their Kwek-Kwek (quail eggs in orange batter) which she shared with me. I had their Pancit Luglug and Laing (taro leaves cooked in coconut milk). Their pancit tasted so good with its thick sauce that coats the rice noodles really well. The star of the meal though was their Laing which tasted a lot like the one my mom makes (that’s a compliment). The taro leaves were well cooked and the spiciness from the red chilis made it so much better.


Since that was my only actual meal for today, I’d say I enjoyed it more than I should. Their serving maybe a bit small but it’s a darn good restaurant if you wanna get some good Filipino food. I specifically loved the whole ambiance of the place even with their rather dim lighting. Maybe when I come back and I’m not on a strict vegetarian diet anymore I’ll try their meat dishes as well.


That was a pretty good end to my work week. The next two days, I’ll be posting my last two daily blog. As I have mentioned last night, it’s not just about being too time-consuming or hassle for me. I just don’t want to compromise the quality of my posts just to get to post something daily. On Sunday, I’ll be posting my 40th and last daily post. From there, I’ll be preparing a list of contents to release a good number of times in week featuring really different stuff. Stay with me, it’ll be fun.

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I couldn’t be happier for everything I ate today. It might have been too much but they’re all pretty good stuff so that’s really good for me (I guess).


Today, I had to skip work because I needed to attend to a couple of personal errands and because I try my best to not burn myself out from work. My job requires me to put in some extra hours in a lot of different circumstances so I make sure to use my offset whenever I could so I don’t end up tiring myself too much. Before heading out, I didn’t get to eat something so by the time I got back from my morning errands I was already feeling super hungry. On the way home though, I bought Spinach Lasagna from Sbarro which they served with their garlic bread (I don’t remember having one before but boy it was sooo good!) and Starbucks’ Cinnamon Sticky Buns. I don’t mind spending some credits for food, okay? The Spinach Lasagna was a little bland so I had to sprinkle some iodized salt and add some Sriracha (don’t judge) on it. It’s not even because there wasn’t any meat at all. It’s more of the fact that it really lacks seasoning because I taste the tomatoes and the cream from its sauces but it just didn’t seem like it had the right amount of saltiness to it. Overall though, I totally enjoyed it. A little seasoning would have just made it perfect.


After eating, I rested a bit before sneaking in a couple of hours of sleep. It just wouldn’t be an appropriate rest day without some good nap. I had to wake up few hours after though to attend to my lola and make some snacks for my mom (I still had the Cinnamon Sticky Buns so I ate that then). Our afternoon snacks were a little heavy that I decided to just heat some Cream of Asparagus Soup (Campbell’s) and cooked some small pieces of eggplant with oyster sauce, butter, garlic and Sriracha. It was a nice way to cap this night off.


Again, I’m super happy that I am finally getting to eat better. Although the past days weren’t the best circumstances in terms of chances to eat but at least I had this day to kickstart my attempt to make my eating habits better. I’ve also been thinking a lot about posting everyday. I’m considering limiting my posts to maybe 2 to 3 times a week. It’s not just about the lack of interesting stuff everyday (although, it’s true that my days aren’t really interesting). It’s just that I feel like I am compromising the quality of my posts because I am too pressured to post everyday. So I am seriously thinking about slowing easing out of posting every night and planning my posts to make it 3 posts weekly at most. It’ll cover restaurant reviews (new category yey), weekly weight updates (hopefully I get to fix our weighing scale already) and basically the changes that are happening to me and my eating habits (if I end up losing the motivation to continue being vegetarian then at least I have other uses for this blog with the new categories coming… but hopefully I won’t quit too soon). Changes are always exciting for me so I’ll push myself to stay in the system for as long as I can. If not, we’ll see how things will pull through.


Yesterday, I literally splurged for my lunch out (date with my self cos why the hell not?). I got to Chibo Okonomiyaki wanting to order just one dish but ended up ordering a total of three and for a single meal, I may have spent too much. That was definitely my all-time high in terms of how much I spend on one meal. So with yesterday’s extravagance, I knew I’d be facing this day with a lot less budget (huhuhu) but instead of planning my meals for the day, I just got through it without any plans at all.


Rushing to the office, I skipped breakfast. To be honest, I’m getting used to this whole set-up already. Like I feel my body has adjusted to the fact that I have not been eating breakfast much lately so it’s not looking for food when I wake up anymore (or not as much as it did before, at least). My first actual meal was when I got to our exhibit already. I had a quick lunch with one of our project supervisors and I had them choose where they wanted to eat. They had not gotten any good meals over the last few days of set-up as well and I didn’t want to feel like a burden being all too picky with food. They decided to eat at Shakey’s and by the time I got back from getting some cash (some of the few ones I have left) they have already order for our bunch. They got a huge plate of salat, vegetarian pizza, spaghetti (with garlic bread) and fried chicken. I appreciate the fact that they made sure I got something to eat considering the fact that they didn’t even let me pay after eating our meal. The salad was pretty straight forward (though I had to carefully take out some of the ham the had on it) with very generic thousand island dressing. The pizza wasn’t anything special as well. The toppings were tomatoes, mushroom (canned button mushrooms), some cheese and I tasted bits of garlic as well. I didn’t expect much primarily because it’s a fastfood chain so there isn’t much to ask from them. I’d totally choose Yellow Cab’s Garden Special over that pizza we ate earlier though (but are they even comparable…). It was a good meal, I had a couple of slices of pizza, good serving of salad and some bits of bread as well. It was a good way to celebrate finishing our exhibit well.


On the way home, I wanted to get something to eat and I ended up buying whatever I saw. I got ice cream, fresh corn, bibingka, vegetable spring roll and microwave popcorn. I bought too much that I’m still feeling super full right now. I didn’t even bother preparing dinner anymore.


I just love the fact how people are starting to help me out through this whole process. I am still not completely careful yet and I still get fantasies over meat but I’m very determined to keep going. Although, if I have to admit, I am seriously thinking about easing out of this whole system. If anything, what I want to get out of this whole process is for me to lessen my need for meat. I think the best possible outcome that I could get from this (because, obviously, I can’t do this forever…) is for me to end up inclining on vegetables more. I’ll try to write more about this in a different post but yeah. A lot of thinking to do but I’ll continue pushing (maybe until I stop craving for meats lol).