It was a better morning for me. My mom woke me up insisting I should get up already as she asked someone to get some bread so I could eat something good for breakfast. Obviously, she wasn’t too pleased by the fact that I have not been eating properly over the last few days (so you guys know she’s reading my blog, at least I’m sure I have one reader). I did eat some but I was feeling full after my second piece. I cleaned up and headed to the office after a good talk with my mom where I finally decided to renew my work contract (only to find a reply e-mail from one of my dream agencies later on..).


It was a long day at the office since we have a set-up at 12 midnight later for an event tomorrow. There were a lot of things to rush and a lot of meetings to schedule. So, as soon as I arrived at the office, I focused on finishing my workload as fast as I could. Come lunch time, I wanted to eat something nice (as if it’s been a long time since I hate something good) so I went to the nearest Army Navy place. It’s good that they have a vegetarian-friendly pasta that uses kidney beans on tomato based sauce but, as I have mentioned days ago, I’m trying to minimize my pasta and bread consumption. Instead, I ordered some Onion Rings (cos fried food is life) and Cheese Quesadilla. Their Army Navy dip fits well with both of my orders but for some reason, I didn’t enjoy their salsa AT ALL. It just really tasted weird. My orders were enough to fill me up but I wanted to get something sweet to prepare myself for my set-up later and hectic day tomorrow. So I did get their Toast Ala Mode which I found rather sulit for its price. The bread was small but very thick. It was crispy across it’s edges and I would have definitely gone for second portions if I wasn’t super full already. We finished up on our lunch and I headed out to deliver our client’s collaterals at Marriot Grand Ballroom then proceeded to Eastwood City to bring samples to our client. It was a disaster cos apparently, they missed out on getting one vital piece of magazine printed for the event tomorrow lmao (the girl I talked to earlier was literally dying, she’s so dead).


It’s funny how this ended up being as long as my previous posts. I didn’t expect that I would be able to type this much because I am literally rushing right now since I need to fix my things for later and for my meeting’s tomorrow. I’m actually running late haha. Anyway, to end this, my mom and I already talked about how we’d go about our daily food starting this coming Sunday. I need to plan out the menu that would fit my diet and mom’s as well so I need to find some time to having things planned out. But now, I gotta go! Ciao.


Day 8 – MINUS 1.4 LBS?

Previous weight: 185.4 lbs

Current Weight: 184.0 lbs


As much as I want to be very transparent and to keep my posts as genuine as possible, I recognize the fact that sometimes it’ll be very difficult to write a post about my food journey alone. Right now, I am literally trying to control myself from pouring in some emotional struggles I am having right now so as to keep the whole idea of this blog intact. Maybe soon enough I’ll post some stuff a little off-topic to add in new categories but for now I’ll focus on my food journey and this whole system.


So, I’ve been having rough mornings lately primarily because our food stock isn’t really vegetarian-friendly. Our stock is mostly comprised of meats and the vegetables we have are probably not too fresh anymore. This is exactly why I am excited for the weekend because we MIGHT be able to get some new stuff that would make things easier for me. For breakfast earlier, all I had was a piece of small cheese tart which was the last piece from the half dozen box we got from Tagaytay. I knew I had a long day ahead but that’s all I really got to eat (plus, I was rushing because again I decided to stay on my bed even if I knew traffic in EDSA is super messed up). Somehow, that cheese tart was enough to last me until after our morning meeting with a client but by the time our meeting ended, I was literally starving already. Unfortunately, I had so much to do and so many people to contact so I wasn’t really able to fit in some time to get something good for lunch!


The next food I had was already past 4 and all I had then was a bunch of french fries and a cup of Sundae from Jollibee and that’s just about it. And yes, that was the last meal I had for today. To be honest, I really wanted to limit my food intake today as much as I can but I didn’t want to have that less food. Again, I am all for progress no matter how slow it maybe so I wouldn’t compromise my health just to cut on my weight fast. The last two days of this work week is gonna be very difficult so I need to really plan out my food for tomorrow until Friday. Otherwise, I might not make it until the weekends without dying of exhaustion.


Over-all, the first week of transition was pretty good. I managed to learn a couple of things over the last few days and perhaps the most important thing I’m taking away from my first week is the fact that this kind of diet requires time. Time to plan out my meals for the week and to think about the amount of nutrition I’m getting everyday. I’ll crawl through the last two days of my work week and hopefully, I’ll be able to prep up better stuff for next week so I can also cut on costs (cos honestly, this whole lunch out and whatnot is super expensive!). For now, I need to rest. I’m tired, very emotional and I’m starving. Tomorrow’s gonna be another grind. NOT backing out. Walang drama-drama. Laban lang.


I didn’t feel like eating breakfast when I woke up so I just prepared for our morning meeting and left soon but made sure to bring some of the remaining cheese tarts which we got on the way home from Tagaytay. By the time our meeting ended, I was already starving so we ate at the closest food place we could find… Lydia’s Lechon.


Looking for something to eat was very difficult so I hesitantly just ordered Pancit Canton Bihon but gave some instructions to the lady who took our orders. I made sure she understood I didn’t want any meat on my order which she seemed to have understood. When my order arrived, I was so disappointed by the fact that there was an entire portion of pork lechon sitting on top of my pancit order. To make things worse, I realized they crushed some pork liver and mixed it with the noodles. I carefully took off as much meat as I could and made sure there weren’t any bits of liver in every spoonful I took until I found my plate empty. Must have been because I was literally starving at that time. I know that I may have missed some but this is precisely what this whole transition is for. I wouldn’t even dare claim that I am legit vegetarian already primarily because I have yet to fully take control of what I eat everyday. I’m still trying to plan that out so I can make it as time-efficient as possible. Some vegetarians are too hardcore that even just some fluids from meat are intolerable for them. Perhaps I’ll reach that point too or maybe not. But again, this whole transition is just about that. Being able to understand how I could adjust when I do not have complete control over my food, being able to build a food set for a particular time frame and essentially just be able to control everything I consume as much as possible. I am also trying to see how fresh fruit juices for dinner would affect my body. I don’t have any expectations so I’ll just really see how this will go eventually (and I’ll definitely put in some research). But right now, I’m all set to trying that system for about 2 weeks at least.


Tomorrow, I’ll be weighing to see if I at least lost a pound or two. At this point, I’d take any amount of weight loss there would be. I’m all for progress no matter how slow it maybe and I’m still a little lenient about this since I have just been doing this diet for exactly a week. I’ll continue to push forward and plan out a menu for the coming week (thank God I have a long weekend ahead!). I’ll also make sure to read some good stuff so I can cut down on pastas and breads without making my entire experience more difficult. Just stay with me on this, it’s been fun 7 days so far.


(My head’s throbbing so it’s been difficult typing this. I have a long day tomorrow so I better rest now! Fight!)


I wasn’t too excited to go to work when I woke up that I spent almost an hour on rolling on the bed, watching videos on Youtube and sneaking some more minutes of nap before actually getting out of bed. Monday’s still my laziest day even if I don’t necessarily hate my work. By the time I got out of bed, I was running late already (although late isn’t actually the best word to use for a 9:00 to 10:30 time in system at work) so all I managed to prepare for breakfast was a bowl of cereals (which I just remembered, I already ran out of…).

Today at the office was very different though. For the first time in the 2 months I’ve been there, I finally got a busy day filled with scheduling, fixing of additional requirements and whatnot. But, that did not stop me from spending a couple of minutes thinking about where to eat. I nearly ate at this Thai restaurant near us but I ended up eating at Banapple across it with an officemate. Banapple’s branch in President’s Avenue is connected to the store of their sister company, Sandwicheese, so eating in either of the two allows you to get two different menus. I ordered french fries and nachos from Sandwicheese and Herbed Mushroom and Cheese Pie from Banapple which is an absolute favorite. I’d love to say that I could eat dozens of it but their pies are more than enough for a single serving unless of course if you have some unreal appetite then maybe you could fit it 2 or more of their pies. It might have been a little too pricey for a lunch meal but the servings were good enough so I could really care less about what I paid. And, everything I consumed was enough to get me through the day.

On the way home, I received an e-mail from one of the food bloggers I e-mailed a couple o days ago. It was so cool. I can’t believe I was (am) actually exchanging e-mails with one of the local food bloggers. He recommended I add more categories on my posts, plan out my entires better and just continue posting as much as I can with good quality contents of course. I honestly don’t know how much longer can I continue writing daily posts but as I’ve always said, I’ll just keep trying my best everyday hopefully I’ll be able to achieve my goals eventually.

Having gone through such a tiring day (couldn’t be happier, may silbi na ako finally), I needed to reward myself with good supper so I heated the Baked Baby Potatoes (sorry, starch pa rin) from last night and made some Cheese and Caramelized Onion Omelette plus Papaya and Peach Smoothie. Now, I needed to stay awake for a couple more hours to get everything digested before sleeping. Deliks kapag natulog ako maaga kaya magpupuyat ako ng konti kahit may meeting pa bukas ng umaga, good luck sa akin.




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I don’t like tofu.

I really don’t. And knowing that it’s one of the more famous alternatives for meat for those who are transitioning to vegetarianism makes me really worried.

Losing weight has always been a struggle for me. I cannot even remember the first time I actually tried to lose weight primarily because I have been trying to lose weight for as long as I can remember. And a lot of those times, I actually did lose some weight. It seems that losing weight isn’t really a problem, although very much a struggle for me. I do not have some scientific explanations about this but I am really capable of losing weight. The sad part though is I gain as fast as I could lose. So see, it’s not a problem to start to lose weight again. The problem is being consistent about it. Of all those times I tried to shed some good amount of weight (noticeable at that), I found myself slacking off all of a sudden and just restart couple of months after. So I cannot really say that I have remained very consistent with any of those trials. But hey, at least I’ve controlled myself enough not to eat rice since January 2013 and God knows how difficult that is for me. But in this shift, I’m actually letting go of the things my last week self wouldn’t even consider. So you can only imagine how much more difficult this is for me. I trust myself that I will be able to do this, but I don’t trust myself in terms of my consistency. I know that I’ll probably start eating meat any time soon but let’s see how this will go for me.

And oh! To make this process a little more interesting, I’ll try (really try) my best to take pictures of the good stuff I’ll be exposed to that is relevant to this process which I’ll include on my future blog posts. Commitment is key, I guess. I have proven to be very inconsistent but it’s never too late to start a change. This is a huge leap for me but might as well go through this. If I end up quitting, at least I can claim that I tried my damn best to cut on meat for as long as I could. But for now, I shall focus on trying to get myself into the system, deviating from meat choices, losing weight in the process and ultimately, becoming generally healthy through this journey.

So, tomorrow… day one.