You guys know that I have succumbed to what now seems like the inevitable of going to the gym which completely disregards my all-time hesitation of having people around me while I workout. I have been doing it regularly (5 times a week at least) since I started which is something I am proud of to be honest. However, with my workload peaking a couple of weeks ago, I find myself not visiting the gym for two straight weeks now (heck, I haven’t even paid my membership for November). And with this unwanted hiatus plus a couple more setbacks, I am brought to assess my performance, mindset and basically my progress for the past 4 months… and man, it’s not good.


Summarizing my entire fitness journey so far, I’ll grade myself 1 of 10… Yes, not counting the last two weeks, I have been very active at the gym but my eating habits have been far from good. Of course, I could put all the blame with my nature of work because I’m always outside dealing with clients and other transactions but I’d like to just put the blame on myself. Quite simply, I have not been watching my eating habits well and this is taking some serious toll on my body. I’d even go as far as saying that if I haven’t been going to the gym, I must have gotten much much fatter by now. The small amount of cardio I do along with some minute spent lifting weights have just been enough for me to maintain my weight which is not the point at all. The point is, I need to lose weight. All these prove that being healthy and having a fitter body isn’t just about going to the gym. This proves that 90% of a good weight loss journey happens in the kitchen. It greatly relies on the food I eat and when I eat them (which, to be honest has never been discussed by anyone before). It is incredibly important to compliment all physical activities with good and healthy diet.


I wouldn’t say that I wasted 4 months because I know I haven’t. Maybe I have not lost a considerable amount of weight yet but at least I have gotten myself into the system of going to the gym already. Maybe I have not bee seeing some obvious results yet but at least I have stopped gaining weight (based on feeling, still too scared to step on the scale). Let this post be a reminder to me that I need to step up my eating game. I need to learn how to say no (writing about this separately). I need to be stricter about what I eat and when I eat. I’ll give myself a month (before leaving for our Christmas trip in Hong Kong) and then I’ll re-assess myself again.


I have done this before so this is not a question of whether or not I can control my eating habits. This is a question of consistency. But I’m pumped right now. I just have to keep going and focus on my goals. But first, let me pay my gym membership…


It ACTUALLY Gets Better – #RoadTo150

I am starting to see some results and it feels amazing. To be fair though, being able to get up at 6 in the morning to go to the gym (after dropping my sister at work) makes me feel good about myself already. And to do this 5 times a week (might go for 6 or 7 soon, yas!) is already something to be proud of.


I have talked to you about my struggles at the gym, which is mostly rooted, to my consistent fear of being judged by the people around me. What I have yet to discuss though are my thoughts about this. See, I think the reason why I feel a certain kind of shame or submissiveness (can’t think of a better word) when I see other people looking at me is because I envy their progress. I always wish I am at their level already and this is incredibly frustrating. This is especially true when I first started out going to the gym when using the treadmill for 10 minutes was already very difficult for me and lifting 15lbs was already a struggle. It was difficult and it was frustrating. I got envious and I conscious because questions like “when will I reach their level” filled my mind. By as time progressed and as weeks passed, I started seeing some small results and these are enough to make myself be comfortable. Or at least, be a little more comfortable as each work out day passes by.


Like any other goal, there is a process and starting out with these processes is just very difficult. But, just like wise men say, you just have to start. And I have started so all I need to do now is to keep going. I recognize the fact that there will be days when it’s more difficult to get up in the morning or days when I’ll be sorer than before because I added some weight or reps or sets… Through these, I just need to keep going. Progress, no matter how small, is still progress. I just need to focus on the fact that I have already started and I just need to keep my eyes on my goals. Better days are coming and I cannot allow myself to be the same person that I was yesterday.


With all these affirmations and motivations in my head, it doesn’t seem too difficult to push myself to work anymore. I’ll continue updating here and maybe soon I’ll be comfortable enough to even post pictures of my progress. How soon? I don’t know.


Stay with me on this journey as I’ll need all the pressure that you could possibly put on me!


I believe three months ago, I wrote about how low my self-esteem was already. I gained so much weight that it totally took its toll on my confidence. It was one of the darkest days of my life (still is), so I had to strip everything out and focus on how I could make myself look and feel better.


In the last three months, I am afraid that there hasn’t been enough progress aside from the fact that I finally got myself to start going to the gym. I didn’t want to announce this or post pictures of me sweating on social media as I don’t want to feel the pressure of people’s expectations and I didn’t want them to judge me for going to the gym and progressing very slowly. Still, I am not very confident about myself yet but I am definitely proud of myself for getting to start something I have always been hesitant of.


Right now, I have been going to the gym for more than 10 days already and my daily routine is doing much better. I have started doing intermittent fasting as well (fasting from 5 in the afternoon to 9 in the morning of the next day) to aid my daily morning trip to the gym. I am slowly feeling some progress but I still need to get over a hump on this whole journey and that is my over-consciousness while at the gym. I know I’m an extrovert and talking to people is exactly what my job is but when I am at the gym I get very anxious to know that people might be looking at me and judging me from afar. This is taking a toll on my performance at the gym since on most days, I’d stop half an hour earlier than my planned span and quit on other exercises just because people are starting to flock in. I get so conscious knowing that bigger guys who are probably stronger are around me and they’re all probably judging my every move.


And okay, I know that they have been through this phase also and that I should just silence them out but it is just incredibly difficult to do so right now. I’m trying but I’m still failing. Hopefully, when I start seeing some obvious results from all the fasting and gym sessions, I’ll be able to get rid of own thoughts that are completely hindering myself to progress better.


I’ll continue updating here and maybe start taking pictures of my progress after my first month at the gym. Right now I want to say that I am very happy with the small successes I’ve been achieving at the gym and I’m super proud of the lifestyle change that has occurred over the last few weeks.


I’ve started. Now, all I have to do is to keep going and trust the process.



Just a little too much #selflove.

Okay… I know I have not posted anything recently and there is really no excuse. Reasons but not excuses. Basically, work has completely taken over my life and, at the same time, I have just found myself in a very lonely place of self-loathe.


I started this blog when I felt the urge to try out vegetarianism. It was a struggle but very exciting, to say the least. I went on to try it out for at least a month and a half and I managed to lose some pounds during the process but then the holidays were ushered in. I was not able to control myself and now, I feel depressed (with respect to people diagnosed with depression) because of how much weight I have gained. Let’s just say this is the result of a little too much #selflove.


So yeah, I am stripping away my pride and letting this all out. I have reached a phase in my life when I literally avoid seeing reflections of myself, ‘selfies’ become very difficult to take, going out with friends and family stress me out and basically, long nights of hating myself for allowing all the weight to come in. Yeah, I do NOT feel okay about my body and myself. I am ashamed. I am very bothered and I am extremely worried that I might not be able get back to my old “less fat” body. Once again, I have lost a phase in my life full of “stay in control or be totally fat”. And it’s getting harder and harder to re-establish a better eating habit as the days go by. I have tried, over the last few weeks, to start losing weight countless times but I always end up running out of motivation to continue. I am in an unfamiliar phase right now where it seems so difficult to control the things I eat and get myself to do physical activities. I don’t like this so I really really need to do something about this and… this is exactly why I needed to write something about this whole personal problem.


I probably need to start writing again to have something that would keep track of my progress. I am assuming that if I will feel the pressure of having to record something about my whole #RoadTo150 (road to 150 lbs) journey, I will always find the motivation to continue to achieve my goals.


Before I end, I just want to clear out that I have nothing against plus sized people (like myself). This is not about shaming people because of their weight. More than anything else, this is about whether or not I feel comfortable with my body. And as I have said, I am not comfortable with it anymore. I am tired of going to sleep feeling bad about myself and then wake up to realize that my clothes don’t fit anymore. It’s just about time for me to start working hard and maybe much harder now. I just need to start putting more physical activities in my routine, eat less, consumer better choices and I know that soon, all the hard work I will hopefully be putting in will pay off!


So stay tuned to my future posts about my progress during my whole #RoadTo150 journey. Ciao!

Through the Senses – SINGAPORE #fieldtrip

For years, I have spent my holidays at home as we plan out our menu for our Christmas dinner. It’s traditionally grand. We cook food that usually lasts us AT LEAST three days (not even joking). 2016’s Christmas was a very different setting though. With all the changes that happened on the first two quarters of the year, we were led to having our feet touch an unfamiliar land to celebrate Christmas. So, having the spirited food enthusiast inside of me, I just had to make sure that I got my camera ready, lists of must-try foods and some comfortable shoes for all the walking (and eating) that I’ll be doing. I just cannot miss the good food the world has to offer, and this time, from the fast-paced world of Singapore.


Wide roads, high rise buildings and people of different races immediately faced me as we were on our way to our accommodation for our short stay in Singapore. Having been so used to the crowded streets and roads of Manila, Singapore effortlessly struck me with its fast-paced lifestyle that definitely rubs off on foreigners who come in to their rather small but packed vicinity. We arrived at Changi Airport a couple of hours before dawn of Christmas Eve. I knew there was so much in store for us so a good rest was just too perfect.



Christmas Eve, I woke up to a very chilly morning that was screaming for a holiday-style breakfast and steamy morning bath. With our friends having kilos of Excelente ham, which is very prominent in the Philippines especially during the holidays (BUT BOY, 1,300.00 PER KILO SHOULD GIVE YOU GOOD MEAT), I thought it’s not a bad idea to have it glazed and serve it with sunny side up eggs with runny yolks (CHOLESTE-ROLLIN’). Besides, what better way to have our Christmas Eve breakfast than having legit ham, right? So if my first morning in Singapore was any indication of how my food trip in their land would turn out, I definitely should have known that it wouldn’t be less than interesting.


I flew to Singapore with no expectations at all which was very much unlike when we flew to see Bangkok. I knew I was in for possibly the most interesting food trips of my life then so it was different setting in Singapore. I may have had bits of information and probably small hints of how it would be but there was no clear expectation. And that is probably the exact reason why I was so overwhelmed every time I see stalls serving food I haven’t seen or heard my entire life. My feet just wanted to keep walking just to see how far I’ll go while following the food stalls lined up in most of the areas we went to.


Just across the place we stayed in were series of hawkers serving pretty legit Cantonese food. I couldn’t complain. I was raised in a household that deeply celebrates Chinese (and a little Cantonese) cooking so my system may never hate it. My first shot at Singapore’s food was a clear soup with dumplings served with a smaller bowl of flat egg noodles in a rather sweet sauce (very much like the sauce of the canned pork and beans we have in here in the Philippines). It was simple and straightforward food. Maybe nothing special too, but for 3 dollars (SGD), how can I demand for more? At the late afternoon of Christmas Eve and the sun shining like it normally does in our country, I found myself craving for something sweet — and cold (or literally just anything I could eat). We were in the middle of the Chinatown near Bugis station so I was in a crazy line of food stalls (unfortunately, I didn’t get to try any of them anymore) where we found a small place that served bing su (a Korean shaved-ice based dessert). I ordered Passion Fruit flavored bing su and Red Bean Rice Balls. The bing su was nothing special but the rice balls were pretty good. I’d love to write about everything I ate in Singapore but I want to minimize the length of this post so I’ll be writing that in a different entry!



If there was any problem that I faced whenever I ordered food, it was my innate sense of converting currencies. The conversion of our local money with Singapore’s is at (approximately) 43PHP to 1SGD. So, obviously, foods priced more than 20SGD is already a huge deal for me. I kept telling myself to stop converting currencies because I wouldn’t get to enjoy my food trip if I’ll always focus on finding how much it costs in the Philippines but I just couldn’t fight the urge to. Much more since we were running on a slightly budgeted trip so I needed to make sure that I do not overspend on food.


BUT this does not mean that foods in Singapore are generally expensive. Of course there are pricey ones but if you’re just zealous enough then you’d definitely find food at really good deals. For example, there is this hawker near our place that already went down as one of my most favorite food places of all time. It was simple, nothing grand but really good. Reminiscent of the kind of food my mom prepares during celebrations back when we were kids. For about 50SGD you’ll already get 4 different Cantonese dishes (and I mean really good ones) with really good servings.


So, the point is, if you want to get more out of your money, you just have to keep looking for places with good food with good prices. That means walking along the streets, maybe searching online and basically not eating at first options right away. There’s even this considerably cheap Michelin-star restaurant along Chinatown near Bugis station (but you may have to tolerate a pretty long queue). That’s definitely a good sign!


We spent about 4 full days in Singapore and I know that there’s definitely a lot more to extract out of their culinary identity. Walking the streets, you will be caught following aromas of foods being cooked that are rooted from different neighboring countries and some Western and European influences as well. It is not difficult to be overwhelmed as that would be the exact thing that could happen to anyone who would dare to understand Singapore’s diverse culinary gems. Within the span of 4 days however, I understood Singapore’s culinary identity as something that flows according to the people’s lifestyles. Foods are cooked fast and customers consume their food even faster. Most of the time, the food, regardless of its roots, aren’t too difficult to understand. They’re straightforward in terms of how they’re served but definitely complex during the preparations. Having different nations (on my observation mostly Indians and Chinese folks, so Malaysians too!) contribute to the population of their country, it is understandable that their culinary heritage has also adapted the culinary traditions of these varied cultures.


I’ve been told that Singapore has very little to no exporting power (correct me if I’m wrong) so it’s incredible how they managed to climb up the ladders of a powerful country while relying largely on their business sectors. And that idea is very evident not just in their lives, their ethics, their habits but also in their way of enjoying food! My stay was short but packed with good food finds. I’m definitely going back soon to try out more food but my next destination (or destinations *wink*) is really interesting too!


My holiday celebrations finally started last Saturday with a dinner I arranged with few of my college block mates. To be honest, we didn’t decide on where to eat before we met up at the mall in Makati so deciding where to eat that night was considerably spontaneous. While I was waiting for them to arrive (COS THEY WERE ALL LATE, LIKE 3 HOURS LATE… I AM NOT KIDDING) I had a couple of hours to spare to check some good places around although I really didn’t get to explore the whole area as there were a lot of people there (it’s Saturday night so you know what I mean). When nearly half of the people I expected to join for dinner arrived, I made sure to encourage them to decide where to eat already. We roamed around for a bit but ended up eating at Marciano’s at the second level of Greenbelt 3.


Their place wasn’t too filled with people yet but by the time the rest of our bunch arrived, it was so full already that the area where we were eating had nearly no space left for walking servers. The interiors were home-y enough which my good friend and I would rate on a scale of “1 to Mary Grace home-y” at around 6 or 7.


We ordered two 16″ pizzas for everyone to share and I ordered their Shirley Temple Truffle Mushroom Burger  for myself which was layers of bun, lettuce, tomatoes, burger patty, cheese and mushrooms (in what seemed like light coating of truffle oil), and served with potato wedges. The patty was pretty straightforward as I didn’t get any prominent spices from it which I would always prefer than “overly dressed” patties. At first, I thought the truffle oil was a little too overwhelming but trying out all the components together (LIKE HOW I SHOULD HAVE EATEN IT IN THE FIRST PLACE, I KNOW… I KNOW) mellowed it down quite a bit. The bun they used were almost similar to the dough bakers use for Ensaymada (not too familiar with it) which seemed a little unusual for me but it wasn’t much of an issue to be bothered about.


The burger wasn’t my first choice though. I wanted to get either their Houston Porchetta or 200-gram Beef Tenderloin with Sausage which were unfortunately unavailable that time. To sway away from my frustrations, I ordered Marciano’s Spinach, Artichoke and Mushroom Dip that was served with a couple of crostini. The spinach, artichoke and mushroom as fully softened and disintegrated leaving a rather smooth texture that just fits so well with the creaminess of the sauce. Their crostini were a little staler than I’d hope and I definitely missed a little of that olive oil taste you’d normally baste the bread with when drying it off.



We finished the crostini before the dip so I tried to slather the potato wedges that were served with my burger on the dip and boooy it worked so well together. That was as if I didn’t have enough food yet considering the pizzas (Spinach Prosciutto and Truffle Mushroom) I ate PLUS the servings of Joey Tribbiani Meat Lasagna (yes, a friend told me it’s a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reference) I got to try. The pizzas were okay and to be honest, the lasagna wasn’t too great but I totally like how they stayed true to a typical and straightforward lasagna. Besides, meat sauce, bechamel and loads of cheese are enough to drool over right?



Closing the night out, I asked for a glass of Sangria which I ended up not finishing up. I am trying to get myself get used to wines and other liquors so I could hopefully understand them better in the future but I’m just not quite there yet.


Over-all, the experience was great. The whole feel of their place in Greenbelt 3 wasn’t too overwhelming and the interiors surely encouraged people to stay in and get some good conversations going. The price range maybe on the expensive side specially for students with meals ranging from as low as 300.00 to as high as 1,500.00 (goes nearly the same for their drinks and liquors). I personally wouldn’t mind spending some money considering the warmth of the place which is definitely a nice haven to catch upwith friends and/or family (OR maybe romantic dates with special someone). Also, that night I got to catch-up with few of my really good friends, celebrate a rather fruitful year and had a toast for the years after. So there really wasn’t anything that could make the experience less than appropriate. What a way to kick off the holiday celebrations!
Just a tip: they have pretty decent portions for their meals. Their solo option for pasta may be more than enough for one (*coughs* my sister) so choosing the right meals to share could definitely make your experience their a little less pricey. 
Marciano's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


I know I have talked about this before (maybe a little more than I should) but now that I’m getting close to some real holiday celebrations, I might as well write something about it again.
About three months (?) ago, I decided to get into something I never thought I’d ever get myself into. I’ve always been an absolute carnivore and it’s always been a struggle to eat vegetables. But having a small part of me that is always curious over a lot of things which leads me to try different stuff on the most random times, I ended up deciding on getting myself into vegetarianism.

If you’ve been with me since I started the journey, you should know how days went and how much of a struggle the first few days have been. I must admit that right now, this whole system’s not too difficult for me anymore. Yes, there are days when I find it hard to find something to eat but I have this new found excitement to find good food without meat (exploring different food places is super fun too). BUT as exciting as the last few months have been, I know I cannot forgive myself if I let the holidays pass without enjoying the celebrations completely. And honestly, I don’t think I would enjoy the celebrations to the fullest if I would continue depriving myself of meat.

So with all the holiday dinners, vacations and (possibly) family reunions that are lined up for the weeks ahead, I just know that I need to allow myself to eat meat again. But that does not go without any challenge at all. The challenge for me would be to control the amount of food I’ll be taking in. I have lost a good amount of weight already (blog for that coming soon) so I need to make sure that I don’t gain them back just because I allowed myself to eat meat for a couple of weeks. I don’t know how the next few weeks would go but you can bet that I cannot wait to enjoy the celebrations with all the meat already. I’ll think about how I’ll transition back to vegetarianism (or if I would) once the celebrations are all over. I honestly can’t be bothered to think about right now.

So for the next three (?) weeks ahead, I’ll try my best to write about how the festivities would go for me. Hopefully, I’ll get to sneak in some exciting food features in between too! Right now, I need to start calming myself down because my carnivorous self is just so ready to be unleashed!


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